A Note from Executive Editor Isaac Chotiner

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MARCH 24, 2011

A Note from Executive Editor Isaac Chotiner

Dear Reader,

When we launched The Book more than one year ago our ambition was to bring thoughtful analysis and literary criticism to the web. Since we began, we’ve published hundreds of incisive and lengthy reviews by journalists, scholars, and intellectuals including Leon Wieseltier, Jed Perl, Sean Wilentz, David Thomson, Richard Posner, Timothy Snyder, Simon Johnson, Nicholas Carr, Edward Glaeser, Howard Jacobson, Peter Bergen, Christine Stansell, Ruth Franklin, Nathan Glazer, Alan Wolfe, and Todd Gitlin. We’ve offered these important reviews to our readers free of charge.  

As you might imagine, however, producing The Book requires substantial and ongoing investment in great writers and thinkers, in editing and curation. We hope you’ll consider subscribing to (or giving the gift of) The New Republic in support of our mission.

In addition to the many benefits of being a TNR Society subscriber (including the award-winning Books and Arts section of the magazine), you’ll receive “The Best of The Book” round-up each month and access to 95+ years of TNR archives, a literary tradition that includes reviews by Virginia Woolf, William Carlos Williams, John Updike, and Edmund Wilson.  

Literary journalism is a field that requires urgent support from the people who consume it. Thank you for your commitment to The Book, and let us hear from you.

Best regards,

Isaac Chotiner

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