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Frank Kermode's TNR Classics


"The Universe of Myth"; June 9, 1982. Kermode considers "new-wave Bible studies" that read the Book "as a living literary presence."

"The New Historicism"; February 28, 1988. "Studying literature in a wide context of contemporary social-historical discourses" can be interesting. But it has its limits, especially when it comes to the great artists such as Shakespeare.

"World of Our Father"; June 26, 1995. Kermode reviews a biography of God. 

"Millions of Strange Shadows"; November 16, 1997. Kermode on the genius of Shakespeare's sonnets. 

"The Power to Enchant"; April 26, 1999. Why W.H. Auden "would have been pleased, though probably not surprised, by the volume of posthumous attention that his life and works have received."

"Midnight Oil"; February 6, 2005. How V.S. Pritchett's "long, joyful, laborious, and at times tormented life" impacted the "freakish certitude" of his fiction.

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