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Wake when dog whimpers. Prick

Finger. Shoot up insulin.

Glue teeth in.

Smoke a cigarette.

Shudder and fret.

Feed dog and cat. Write syllabic


On self-pity. Get Boston Globe.

Drink coffee. Eat bagel. Read

At nervous speed.

Smoke a cigarette.

Never forget

To measure oneself against Job.


Drag out afternoon.

Walk dog. Don't write.

Turn off light.

Smoke a cigarette

Watching sun set.

Wait for the fucking moon.


Nuke lasagna. Pace and curse.

For solitude's support

Drink Taylor's port.

Smoke a cigarette.

Sleep. Sweat.

Nightmare until dog whimpers.


This poem originally ran in the October 8, 2001, issue of the magazine.

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