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Now that it appears almost certain that the general election match-up is set, we’ve combed the TNR archives to find all the pieces that we’ve run on Barack Obama over the years. Beginning with Noam Scheiber’s look at a young Illinois Senator in 2004 (“From his perch in the Senate, he's likely to become a perennial possibility for a spot on a national Democratic ticket.”) and ending with John B. Judis’ advice to the presumptive nominee, these articles look closely at the victories, missteps and positions that have defined Obama’s candidacy thus far. (Click here for a similar list of articles on his probable opponent, John McCain.)

"Race Against History"Barack Obama's miraculous campaign.Noam Scheiber (5/31/04)

"Run On"Why Barack Obama should run for president in 2008.Ryan Lizza (12/6/08)

"Barack Star"Michelle Cottle (2/5/07)

"Black Like Me"Why white people like Barack Obama.Peter Beinart (2/5/07)

"Audacities"Leon Wieseltier (3/19/07)

"The Agitator"Barack Obama's unlikely political education.Ryan Lizza (3/19/07)

Hope Sinks"The disappointingly conventional Obama campaign.Michael Crowley (10/08/07)

"Obama Rising"Where Hillary went wrong--and how Barack took advantage.John B. Judis (11/15/07)

"Barack Obama: The Interview"
He claims he can get dirty if he needs to
Noam Scheiber(11/29/07)

"The Closer"Barack Obama makes his move.Noam Scheiber (12/10/07)

"Dean 2.0"What Barack Obama owes to people-powered Howard.Noam Scheiber (1/30/08)

"Miracle Man"Leon Wieseltier (1/30/2008)

"Obama Swoon Watch"(1/30/08)

"Medical History"Obama's clean bill of health.Jonathan Cohn (1/30/08)

"Can Friends of Israel--and Jews--Trust Obama?"In a word, Yes.Martin Peretz (1/31/08)

"The Visionary Minimalist"Toward a theory of Obama-ism.Cass R. Sunstein (1/16/08)

"Net Loss"Why liberal bloggers don't love Obama.Bradford Plumer (2/13/08)

"Operation Push"Obama's artful corralling of the Jesse Jacksons.Jason Zengerle (2/13/08)

"Obama Nation"Liberating Democrats from the Clintons' siege mentality.Jonathan Chait (2/13/08)

"Rainbow Warrior"Allegra Goodman (2/13/08)

"Race Man"How Barack Obama played the race card and blamed Hillary Clinton.Sean Wilentz (2/27/08)

"Forever Young"Leon Wieseltier (2/27/08)

"Cinderella Story"Is Obama's Iraq record really a fairy tale?Michael Crowley (2/27/08)

"The Morning After"The second thoughts of Hillary's African American endorsers.Noam Scheiber (2/27/08)

"Card Carrying"The first civil libertarian president?Jeffrey Rosen (2/27/08)

"American Adam"Obama and the cult of the new.John B. Judis (3/12/08)

"The Audacity of Data"Barack Obama's surprisingly non-ideological policy shop.Noam Scheiber (3/12/08)

"Post Racial"Even white supremacists don't hate Obama.Michael Crowley (3/12/08)

"Cool We Can Believe In"How Obama is like Jackie Robinson, (early) Al Pacino, and the Fonz, or: Why Geraldine Ferraro is so wrong.Paul Beatty (3/14/08)

"Obama’s Speech Was Brilliant, But--"Will the complexity of his message reach the people it needs to?Michael Crowley (3/15/08)

"The Intelligence Revolutionary"Barack Obama's proposal for intelligence-gathering is radically different from the current model. Maybe now we'll actually know what's happening in Iran.Barron YoungSmith (3/25/08)

"Oybama"Leon Wieseltier (3/26/08)

"Mutual Contempt"The long history of the McCain-Obama grudge.Michael Crowley (3/26/08)

"Out Of The Tank"The press turns its guns on Obama.Noam Scheiber (3/26/08)

"Wife Lessons"Why Michelle Obama is no Hillary Clinton.Michelle Cottle (3/26/08)

"Reform School"The education (on education) of Barack Obama.Josh Patashnik (3/26/08)

"Far Wright"Why Obama's preacher problem isn't going away.Dayo Olopade (4/09/08)

"Full Faith"Despite Jeremiah Wright, Obama gets religion.E.J. Dionne, Jr. (4/9/08)

"Woe Is He"Barack Obama's going to be the bitter one at the end of this.John B. Judis (4/15/08)

"Standing By His Man"Why Barack Obama was right not to repudiate his pastor.Martin Peretz (4/23/08)

"The Next McGovern?"Obama may still get the nomination, but his loss tonight deals a harsh blow to his electability arguments.John B. Judis (4/23/08)

"Opiates"Leon Wieseltier (5/07/08)

"Barack in Iraq"Can he really end the war?Michael Crowley (5/7/08)

"Popular Will"Conservatives perfect working-class p.c.Jonathan Chait (5/7/08)

"Plouffe Piece"The commander of Obama's nerd army.Noam Scheiber (5/7/08)

"It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue"But Barack Obama's support has narrowed dangerously--and he'll need to make critical changes to beat John McCain.John B. Judis (5/7/08)

"Contra Expectations"Obama isn't Jimmy Carter--he's Ronald ReaganEli Lake (7/30/08)"Be Not Cool"For Barack Obama, the presidential race right now demands a sense of urgency. And that's hard to convey when you never seem to sweat.Michelle Cottle (8/15/08)

"The Best Laid Traps"How Obama found himself in trouble this time: charting the ignominious history of "born alive" abortion legislationDamon Linker (8/21/08)"Smothering the Hatchet"Hillary's former communications director on how to close the Clinton-Obama rift.Howard Wolfson (8/25/08)

"Barack's Big Night"Obama's national career was launched four years ago with his keynote speech at the Democratic convention. The inside story of how did he got the gig--and who really deserves credit for it.Dayo Olopade(8/25/08) 

"Avoiding A Long, Disappointing Fall"A thorough diagnosis of what's been ailing the Obama campaign. And suggestions for a cure.John B. Judis (8/28/08) 

"The Empiricist Strikes Back"Obama's pragmatism explained. Cass R. Sunstein (9/10/08)

"The Messiah-Complex Complex"The right's silly obsession with the Obama "cult."Jonathan Chait (9/10/08)

"Cartoon Character"Why is the Democratic candidate always a flip-flopper? Jonathan Chait (8/13/08) 

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