From The TNR Archives: Michael B. Oren



"Unfriendly Fire: Why Did Israeli Troops Attack The USS Liberty?" July 23, 2001


"The Rescuer," Review of Race Against Death: Peter Bergson, America, and the Holocaust, by David S. Wyman and Rafael Medoff, October 28, 2002


"Schindler’s Liszt: Roman Polanski’s Mistake About The Holocaust," March 17, 2003


"Road Maps," Review of Support Any Friend: Kennedy's Middle East and the Making of the U.S.-Israel Alliance, September 22, 2003


"Jerusalem Dispatch: Fantasy," December 15, 2003


"Center Right: Israel’s Unexpected Victory Over Terrorism," September 27, 2004


"Jerusalem Dispatch: True Colors," February 14, 2005


"Pass The Fault: Absolving Germany," July 4, 2005


"Quiet Riot: Tinfoil Hats In Harvard Yard," April 10, 2006


"Contra Iran: Israel’s Worst Nightmare," January 26, 2007


"Diversion Tactic: Ehud Olmert And Basher al-Assad Are Negotiating To Save Themselves, Not Their Countries," May 28, 2008



"Waltzing With Beirut: What Israel--And The Rest Of The World--Can Learn From 18 Years Of War With Lebanon," July 14, 2008


"A Tale Of Two Obamas," July 23, 2008


"A Crisis And An Opportunity: The Fighting In Gaza Finally Provides Israel With A Chance To Embark On A Lucid And Realizable Policy There," December 28, 2008


"Back To Front: My Job In This War Is To Reinforce Israel's Position In The Media. And, With All Due Deference To Hamas's Fighters, Journalists Often Pose A More Formidable Challenge," January 4, 2009

By Michael B. Oren

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