Adam Kirsch

Dear Facebook, I'm Fed Up
May 04, 2014

On Facebook, the letters of complaint are all addressed to no one. 

Technology Is Taking Over English Departments
May 02, 2014

Humanists should critique the digital humanities, not embrace it, unless they want to sell their birthright for a mess of apps. 

Russians Will Always Be America's Favorite Villains. And Now They're Back.
March 05, 2014

The return of the obsolete, in American culture, can only register as corniness or nostalgia. So what are we to make of our cold war enemy's actions today?

The Real Reason Writers Love the Amtrak Residency
February 26, 2014

It's not just the free train ticket.

Like It or Not, Movie Lovers Are Going to Forgive Woody Allen
February 06, 2014

Human beings are fundamentally selfish when it comes to consuming art.

Germans Make a Sympathetic TV Series about WWII. What Could Go Wrong?
February 03, 2014

To turn history into TV, producers everywhere make the past tidy and simple and sympathetic. But when it's Germans presenting WWII, middlebrow conventions are no excuse.

No, Mein Kampf Is Not an Amazon Bestseller
January 24, 2014

Is anyone really buying Mein Kampf?

Since When Is Philip Roth an Idol?
January 08, 2014

In the 1990s, Philip Roth drifted from bête noire to laureate. Why'd we lose track of his flaws?

This Novel Could Be the Next 'Suite Francaise'
January 07, 2014

The de Waal family is back with another romp through 20th century European history.

Our Book Critic's 5 Favorite Books of the Year
December 15, 2013

One of them will really surprise you.