Alec MacGillis
Senior Editor

How To Talk To Reglar Folks In Real Amurka: Listening to Josh Mandel’s Fake Southern-Appalachian Accent
August 17, 2012

Politicians often get Southern when the occasion demands it. Cleveland boy Josh Mandel joined this noble tradition at a coal mine this week.

Beltway Mourns Loss of Artur Davis, ‘Concerned Democrat’
August 16, 2012

The party switch of Artur Davis, the former Democratic congressman, is little surprise, but it's a tough loss for Beltway reporters.

The Welfare Card And The Post-Truth Campaign
August 15, 2012

Romney's still playing the welfare card, based on an unequivocally baseless charge. And the press is letting him. Welcome to the post-truth campaign.

Can Romney And Ryan Seize The 'High Ground'?
August 13, 2012

What if Romney's pick of Ryan is in fact a bid for the center -- seeking to claim the "high ground" by picking a policy wonk acclaimed for his serious

Why Ryan Makes Romney's Tax Problem Even Worse
August 11, 2012

Republicans hope Paul Ryan will push Mitt Romney's tax returns to the side. Just the opposite. The "Ryan Plan" would bring Romney's tax rate to zero.

Romney Passes Welfare-Queen Card To Scott Brown
August 10, 2012

Gosh, what sort of way-back machine has descended on Boston this week? The Republican political strategy emanating from the Hub has a distinctly 1988 feel to it, what with the resuscitation of that Reagan-Bush golden-oldie...the welfare queen!

Jennifer Rubin on Bob Zoellick: How To Stroke An Angry Hawk
August 09, 2012

The uproar among conservatives yesterday over alarmingly pro-health care statements by Mitt Romney and his chief spokeswoman was not the only split that emerged on the right. There was also quite a stir among conservative foreign policy mavens over the announcement that Bob Zoellick, recently retired from leading the World Bank, would be overseeing the transition for national security should Romney win in November. This set off giant alarm bells within the neo-conservative camp, which regards Zoellick as a weak-kneed "realist," not least for his conciliatory stance toward China.

Why The Palin Fiasco Argues FOR Kelly Ayotte
August 08, 2012

I’ve generally avoided the veepstakes—better, it seemed, to focus on matters such as what’ll happen to the nearly 100,000 Ohio voters who went to the polls on the final pre-Election Day weekend in 2008 but won’t be able to do so this year. But as Romney’s big day draws near, I’ll offer one pet theory of mine: that the pundits are wrongly counting out Kelly Ayotte, the new senator from New Hampshire. Ayotte offers obvious appeal, not least as a way for Romney to try and close his considerable gender gap with women voters.

America: ‘Watering Down’ Voting Rights Since 1776
August 07, 2012

You may have heard rumblings about a fight going on in Ohio over the elimination of early voting on the weekend prior to Election Day. Here are the basics: after the 2004 election, when urban precincts experienced very long lines that surely kept many from voting, the state allowed for several weeks of in-person early voting. After Republicans took control of state government in 2010, they eliminated early voting on the weekend just prior to the election, when 93,000 people voted in 2008. But they left it in place for members of the military.

The Inscrutable Andy Stern, In His Own Defense
August 06, 2012

At a time when unions hold an ever-diminishing role in American life, Andy Stern commanded a remarkably high profile. To his supporters, the longtime head of the Service Employees International Union was the savior of organized labor, who had found a way to expand the ranks of his union when almost every other one in the private sector was shrinking.