Alexander Bickel

The Overworked Court
November 17, 2011

The statement that “‘overwork’ requires a major change in the jurisdictional authority of the Supreme Court suffers from what Churchill used to call ‘

Will the Democrats Survive Miami?
July 15, 1972

A commission on party structure and delegate selection and a commission on rules were set up by the 1968 Democratic national convention in the hope of avoiding a repetition of itself; and everyone immediately began to fear that the two commissions, particularly the first, would help bring about exactly what they were meant to forestall, and more of it even than in 1968.

Death Penalty Litigation
August 19, 1967

For some years now it has been happily apparent that capital punishment was on its way out in the United States, as it was in most of the Western worl

Skelly Wright's Sweeping Decision
July 08, 1967

In a long, passionate opinion in the case of Hobson v. Hansen, Judge J. Skelly Wright of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, sitting by assignment as a District Judge, has roundly indicted the Washington school system and its superintendent, Dr. Carl F. Hansen, declaring the former, and quite possibly also the latter, unconstitutional. The opinion is a jeremiad and as such commands respect. The inner city of Washington, with its slums, its poverty, its juvenile crime and its schools, is a disgrace. Against this, Judge Wright cries out, from the heart.

Criminalizing Homosexuality
December 11, 1964

Is it not time to redraft a criminal statute first enacted in 1533? And if so, cannot the criminal law draftsmen be helped by those best informed on t

The Supreme Court Observed
December 18, 1960

In the bibliographical essay appended to his excellent book on the Supreme Court and American constitutional law, Mr. McCloskey, Professor of Governme