Audrey Singer

Census Dodges a Bullet but the Immigration Issue Remains
November 06, 2009

Yesterday, in a straight party-line vote, the Senate voted 60-39 to approve cloture on H.R. 2847, the Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill. This action effectively blocks consideration of Sens. David Vitter (R-La.) and Robert Bennett’s (R-Utah) controversial amendment to bar implementation of the 2010 Census unless it collected data on citizenship and immigration status for each respondent. Through this move, the Senate assures that the 2010 Census will be carried out on time, within the existing budget, and with relative accuracy.

Immigrants and Impact Aid for Localities
October 12, 2009

In a year-long effort to recast the immigration debate, the Brookings-Duke Immigration Policy Roundtable released a set of recommendations that takes on “ways to reduce illegal immigration significantly, set standards for the legalization of illegal immigrants already in this country, rebalance current visa programs, improve temporary worker programs, and assimilate and integrate immigrants into American society.”  In addition to tackling the big ticket items like worksite enforcement, legalization, and admissions, the roundtable (I was a participant) also deliberated how to deal with the fut

Examining Immigration's Pause
September 30, 2009

For the past decade or so, every time the US Census Bureau released new data, headlines would blare “Immigration Up in the US.”  More recent headlines have been hopeful: “Immigration offers Cleveland a chance to import the future.” Others wistful: “Current waves of immigrants offer hope for St. Louis' future.” But mostly, they just repeatedly announced that immigrants were still coming to the United States in large numbers.