Barney Frank

Correspondence: Funny Accents
May 29, 1995

On his strange, New Jersey accent.

Correspondence: Frank Reply
April 10, 1995

On Steven Gobie and the prostitution allegations.

Correspondence: Frankly Speaking
January 09, 1989

On the ACLU, Dukakis, and gun control.

Correspondence: Smoke and Stuff
December 16, 1981

On being quoted out of context.

Correspondence: Freeze on Fuel Assistance
May 23, 1981

On financial foolishness from the oil industry.

Sorry States
December 29, 1979

Federalism as protection racket.

Kennedy and the Liberals
November 10, 1979

A plea for realism.

How Ted Got Drafted
October 06, 1979

The groups behind Ted Kennedy's 1980 presidential primary challenge.