Ben Adler

Why Is Herman Cain Trying to Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction?
January 26, 2014

B-list Republican presidential candidates are now making money off internet spam. 

Anthony Weiner Won't Win New York's Mayoral Race—But He Could Spoil It
May 22, 2013

Anthony Weiner announced his New York City mayoral candidacy Wednesday morning by posting a campaign commercial that ostentatiously flaunted his supposedly newfound humility.

Liberals Shouldn't Fear Chuck Hagel's Environmental Record
December 24, 2012

Former Senator Chuck Hagel served in the Senate as a Republican, but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise this week: Most of the attacks on his potential nomination as Secretary of Defense have come from conservatives troubled by his realist foreign policy views and past statements on Israel. This has led some liberals to rush to his defense. “He wanted the United States to exert influence internationally, but by working with other countries,” John Judis wrote. But Hagel’s belief in international cooperation had its limits.

Ballot Boxed
December 04, 2008

In the weeks leading up to Election Day, the hand-wringing over voting irregularities reached a fever pitch. Rolling Stone published a feature by Greg Palast and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., warning that Republicans may have already stolen the election. The McCain campaign highlighted accusations that the civil rights group ACORN was trying to commit voter fraud by fabricating voter registrations. Voting rights groups sent nearly daily e-mail blasts to reporters obsessing over every state and local incident of voter intimidation or suppression.

Media Frenzied
June 04, 2007

Anyone who went to "The Media Assault on American Values"--a panel discussion hosted by the conservative Culture and Media Institute (CMI) at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Washington, D.C. yesterday--hoping to be shocked and horrified by the degradation of our culture might well have been disappointed. No film reels were shown and no dirty rap lyrics were repeated out loud. About the raunchiest image displayed was a cartoon image of God from "The Family Guy" in bed with a woman who's holding a condom.