Ben Jacobs

The Republican Civil War Starts in Iowa
February 11, 2013

Did Karl Rove fire the first shot in a new Republican civil war? 

How Hurricane Sandy Could Spoil Election Day
October 29, 2012

There's almost no legal precedent for how to deal with electoral fallout from a storm.

How Massachusetts Became 2012’s Nastiest Race
September 26, 2012

The U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren was supposed to be one of the highlights of the election year: a battle of ideas between a charismatic moderate Republican and a nationally-revered, liberal consumer advocate. Instead, it’s degenerated into one of 2012’s most negative and petty campaigns. It reached a new low this week when video emerged of Brown staffers making “Indian war whoops” and doing tomahawk chops outside the site of the campaign’s first debate last week.