Boer Deng

Can Julian Castro Make It In Texas?
September 04, 2012

The DNC keynote speaker might be the next Barack Obama. But can he ever win statewide office in Texas?

The Human Factor
May 16, 2012

Science, like art, is a human expression. Roald Hoffmann has given a great deal of thought to how to convey this truth, which lies at the heart of the

Will Beijing’s Political Turmoil Burst China’s Economic Bubble?
March 22, 2012

In China, a perennial T.V. favorite is the “rear palace” costume drama, depicting the conspiratorial high politics of bygone dynasties. An analogous kind of half-concealed theatre seems to be taking place today, not behind the sequestered walls of the imperial palace, but in the Chinese Communist Party’s headquarters at Zhongnanhai.

High Gas Prices: Would New Drilling Or Keystone XL Really Help?
February 27, 2012

High oil prices have given Republicans the opportunity to do some Obama-bashing on energy.

Mitt Romney: He's Rich. He's High Class. And He's Awkward.
February 09, 2012

Mitt Romney is not what you could call a man of the people—that is, if by “the people” you mean the voters he meets on the campaign trail. (The one-percent types he rubs shoulders with at dinner parties are a different story.) Much has been made of how out-of-touch Romney is with the middle-class Americans he is trying to win over. For some reason, we can’t help but recall that he’s the son of a governor, that he went to Harvard, and that he is fantastically rich. But his social troubles go beyond making gaffes in public: His attempts at small talk come off no less alien.