Bruce Riedel

How To Save Pakistan From the Abyss
January 08, 2011

The assassination of Salman Taseer, governor of Pakistan’s largest province—and the wave of support for the assassin from Islamic extremists—underscores how close to the abyss the world’s second largest Muslim country has come. Taseer was an outspoken critic of religious extremism and a defender of civilian government. Like Benazir Bhutto, he was murdered by the dark forces in Pakistan that seek to create an Islamic emirate. In the wake of this disaster, many will be tempted to go to the generals and look for a strongman, perhaps army chief of staff General Kayani, to maintain order.

TNRtv: On the Eve of Elections, the "Taliban Are Winning"
August 18, 2009

In this TNRtv exclusive, Bruce Riedel asserts that the “Taliban are winning” in Afghanistan (General Stanley McChrystal denied such claims earlier this month), and he reveals his specific time estimate for when U.S. policies in the region will bear fruit. Bruce Riedel is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and chaired Obama’s strategy review of Afghanistan and Pakistan.