Christopher Bray

Excess Baggage—The Voluminous Diaries of Christopher Isherwood
January 11, 2013

Isherwood's overflowing diaries are in need of a thorough edit.

Blue Rooms: The Sad, Slicing Lyrics of Lorenz Hart
November 26, 2012

IN 1962, ALMOST TWENTY years after the lyricist Lorenz Hart’s death, his melodist partner Richard Rodgers told Diahann Carroll that “you can’t imagine how wonderful it feels to have written this score and not have to search all over the globe for that little fag.” Ouch. And yet, as Gary Marmorstein’s thoroughgoing—if occasionally conjectural—biography makes clear, Hart seems to have thought even less of himself than Rodgers did.

Lights, Camera, Fire
July 12, 2012

"No poetry after Auschwitz,” said Adorno. Except for Chaplin—who said that he wouldn’t have made The Great Dictator had he known about the Holocaust—f

Crossing You in Style
April 18, 2012

You love Henry Mancini. You might not know it but you do. If you have ever popped your lips through the opening bars of the theme to The Pink Panther

Thriller Default Swaps
January 18, 2012

In The Fear Index, Robert Harris offers his take on the financial crisis that has engulfed the developed world. Unfortnately, this is not Harris’s bes

The Call to Order
November 16, 2011

One closes this book feeling more than a little mentally repelled. Nobody who spends a goodly part of their leisure-time walking the English landscape

Turn and Face the Strain
August 29, 2011

Paul Trynka, whose life of David Bowie, fascinating though it is on the quotidian detail of his young life, doesn’t begin to account for its subject’s