Czeslaw Milosz

October 25, 1993

Now, when a revolution is really needed, those who were once fervent are cool. While a country, raped and murdered, calls for help from the Europe it trusted, While statesmen choose villainy and no voice is raised to call it by its name. It was a sham, the rebellion of the young who cried for a new earth, and that generation has written the verdict on itself, Listening with indifference to the cries of those who perish because they are just barbarians killing each other And the lives of the well-fed are worth more than the lives of the starving. It is revealed now that their Europe has been, s

The Telltale Scar
August 07, 1989

Budapest—On the banks of the Danube, it is quite natural to ask whether the idea of Central Europe has been just a whim of a few intellectuals, or acquires now a new significance thanks to the aspirations for democracy that have been reawakened in many countries. The simple fact is that our perspective, whether we are Poles or Hungarians or Yugoslavs, is different from the perspective of Western Europeans, Russians, or Americans.

March 16, 1982

Raised in the Catholic religion, I am not indifferent to the remarkable successes of American Catholicism; I read its press, I take sides with certain

Sex Provided
February 23, 1982

Has nakedness ever been for people what it now is for us? This is an important and philosophical question. A woman undressing in a film made in 1919 r