Dave Bry

Fear of a White Genre
Hip-hop is getting whiter, but that doesn't mean the genre is doomed
February 18, 2014

More Macklemores doesn't mean the genre is doomed.

Fatherhood Memoirs Multiply
Bring on the daddy wars
May 15, 2013

Genre memoirs stink. I don’t mean the books themselves. Plenty of them do stink, surely, just like any other kind of book. But some of them are great.

Did Prince Trick His Gen X Fans?
March 14, 2013

Touré's new book claims that Prince was little more than a pied piper for evangelical Christianity.

Is It OK for White Music Critics to Like Violent Rap?
January 08, 2013

Several white critics gave Chief Keef positive reviews. Several black critics say those white critics don't get it.