Dave Cullen

A Skeptic's Guide to Media Coverage of Mass Shootings
October 01, 2015

Here's what I learned from 16 years' experience covering massacres—and making some of these mistakes.

Why Does the Columbine Myth About "Martyr" Cassie Bernall Persist?
September 16, 2015

The story was debunked 16 years ago—and yet, Rick Santorum repeated it during Wednesday night's Republican debate.

The "Injustice Collectors": How to Understand Vester Flanagan’s Grievance-Filled Manifesto
August 31, 2015

The Virginia shooter's manifesto has a lot in common with those of past killers.

The 9/11 Trial Has Gone Completely Off the Rails
April 17, 2014

Justice is hung up on procedural hurdles and FBI shenanigans.

The Tragicomedy of the 9/11 Trial
April 15, 2014

Accusations that the FBI may be spying on defendents causes yet another delay.