David Thomson

Apocalypses Now
Hollywood action movies need to get over the end of the world
April 08, 2013

So who is green-lighting these end-of-the-world movies that just keep coming—Oblivion, After Earth, Star Trek Into Darkness, Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down, World War Z, Pacific Rim?

Roger Ebert: For the Love of Film
April 04, 2013

He was famous as a TV figure, but he would tell you always that he was a newspaper man.

'Top of the Lake' is an Engaging Misstep
April 01, 2013

Why Jane Campion's turn to television isn't a complete success, while David Mamet's was.

Derek Cianfrance's America
Class and fate in 'The Place Beyond the Pines'
March 29, 2013

For the second time, Derek Cianfrance has put Ryan Gosling on the edge of a great character: the American failure who has the neediness and the inner life of a wild genius. 

Why 'The Shining' Continues to Shine
A documentary pays tribute to Kubrick and parodies film commentary
March 22, 2013

As a documentary about The ShiningRoom 237 is a tribute to Kubrick and a parody of film commentary.

A Psychological Thriller That Leaves Audiences Laughing
March 15, 2013

The acclaimed director of "Oldboy" stumbles in his American debut.

What's Isabelle Huppert Doing in This Third-Rate Thriller?
'Dead Man Down' and the inanities of Hollywood casting
March 11, 2013

"Dead Man Down" is dark, nasty, violent, and laughably boring. It also features one of the best actresses in the world.

Schindler's Girl in the Red Coat Speaks Out
March 07, 2013

The "red coat" girl of Schindler's List now says she's horrified by the movie she filmed when she was twelve. Should Spielberg have shot the vulgar scene to begin with?

Nudity Clause
From Jayne Mansfield to Seth MacFarlane, A Brief History of Hollywood's Breast Anxiety
March 02, 2013

From Jayne Mansfield to Seth MacFarlane, a brief history of Hollywood's breast anxiety.

What Are All Our Zombies Telling Us?
A review of 'Warm Bodies'
March 01, 2013

There are sane young people who are not counting on living a full term. And there are things in our culture that reflect that doubt.