Deborah Friedell

Why Do Great Writers Stop Writing?
April 28, 2014

The tragic epilogue of Harper Lee.

Anatomy of Melancholy
November 02, 2010

New biographers of Samuel Johnson seem less awed by him, the shaper of men, than by his disciple. Johnson’s moralizing has become quaint. As professio

February 09, 2004

The Rules of Engagement By Anita Brookner (Random House, 273 pp., $23.95) ANITA BROOKNER IS THE great chronicler of a particular sort of female loneliness. Her typical heroine spends most of her novel exhausted “with the tiredness of one who has too little rather than too much to do.” Someone has left her money, and so she does not work, or she works at something mostly solitary, such as translating or archiving. Her few friends are scattered, and during her rare moments among them she usually feels uncomfortable and unworthy, “like a humble petitioner, seeking an hour of their time, in wine b