Eliot A. Cohen

The Art Of War
May 02, 2011

Should the United States have gotten involved in the Libyan civil war? The question is beside the point: We’re in it. More interesting is what lessons our experience has to teach us about America’s first major use of force since the decision to invade Iraq in 2003—and about President Obama’s first, albeit reluctant, initiation of conflict as Commander in Chief. War is war—saying otherwise just confuses things.

How To Fight
September 24, 2001

What took place on Tuesday was not a crime; it was war. The scale of the attacks, their coordination, and their sinister calculation of timing and place bespeak organizations that have honed their skills over many years. To deal with them and with those who harbor or protect them, the United States must understand that they are not criminals; they are enemies. There should be no talk of "tracking down the perpetrators" or "bringing the guilty to justice." This is not about cops and robbers, nor about international courts.