Eric Posner

Now That Boehner Has Backed Down, Let's Fix The Debt Ceiling For Good
February 11, 2014

Debt brinkmanship has no place in democratic politics. This simple and reasonable legislation would end it.

Socialized Law Would Be a Massive, Unworkable Nightmare
February 04, 2014

Unequal spending on legal services isn't a crisis, and doesn't need this solution

The Presidency Comes With Executive Power. Deal With It.
Obama's just doing what he's empowered to do
February 03, 2014

Obama's just doing what he's empowered to do.

Bitcoin's Bandwagon Has Never Been More Crowded
Even Ben Bernanke's on board. Don't fall for it.
December 03, 2013

Even Ben Bernanke's on board. Don't fall for it.

Three Ways Obama Could Raise the Debt Ceiling On His Own
The controversial, risky options if Congress doesn't act
October 06, 2013

A law professor lays out the least unconstitutional options for resolving a national crisis 

How Low Can We Go?
May 17, 2012

Daniel Gross celebrates the flexibility and the robustness of the American economy, arguing that it enjoys many hidden strengths, and will expand in t

Stop Complaining About Harold Koh’s Interpretation of the War Powers Act
July 01, 2011

Harold Koh and John Yoo are two peas in a pod, except that Yoo is the right-wing pea and Koh is the left-wing pea. Yoo, a Justice Department lawyer during the Bush administration, interpreted “torture” narrowly in order to advance a constitutional agenda in which executive power has primacy. This interpretation permitted the Bush administration to use harsh interrogation tactics on suspected members of Al Qaeda.