Esther Breger
Assistant Editor

The 'Veronica Mars' Movie Gives Fans What They Want—And That's a Good Thing
March 14, 2014

I owe Rob Thomas an apology for doubting the Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars movie. 

"I Think Jeffrey Tambor's Got a Kind of Gender-Queerness"
The Creator of 'Transparent' Talks Amazon, Family Secrets, and TV Sexism
March 07, 2014

The creator of Amazon's "Transparent" talks about Jeffrey Tambor's feminine side, watching the Oscars, and the trouble with True Detective.

The Most Humane Drama on Cable Is About a Bunch of Murderous Spies
February 26, 2014

"The Americans," the anti-"House of Cards"

The Late-Night TV Monologue is Dull and Anachronistic—And Should Retire With Jay Leno
February 06, 2014

Jay Leno told Jimmy Fallon to make his monologue longer. Jimmy would be a fool to listen.

"Mindy Project" Will Be the Rare Show to Resolve Sexual Tension and Get Better
January 22, 2014

In the year-and-the-half it’s been on the air, “The Mindy Project” has never been quite sure what kind of show it was trying to be, floundering for direction and putting its ensemble through many, many rounds of musical chairs.

Downton Abbey's Cheap Embrace of Rape as a Plot Device
Depictions of violence against women are all over highbrow TV. This was the worst example yet.
January 12, 2014

 After three years of forgotten plot twists and casually discarded characters, “Downton Abbey” has lost my trust in its ability to treat a storyline like this with anything approaching nuance. 

Of Too Real Reality TV and Amish Journos
Plus, two other compelling details from my last few weeks of reading
October 04, 2013

Plus, three other compelling details from my last few weeks of reading.

The Fixer Fixation
Showtime gives us a macho Olivia Pope and a new TV archetype
July 01, 2013

Ray Donovan; Olivia Pope; Michael Clayton. Why is pop culture so fixated on the professional fixer?

The Death of the TV Cliffhanger
And the rise of the penultimate episode
June 05, 2013

The big guns now come out in the penultimate episode.

'The Office' Is Ending, and Maybe the Mockumentary Sitcom Should Go With It
May 16, 2013

The show has spent its final season dismembering its fourth wall piece by piece.