Franklin Foer

When You Walk the Plank ...
January 05, 2010

Along with Jason Zengerle and Michael Crowley, I was one of the three original contributors to The Plank. None of us considered ourselves natural bloggers. All of us would have probably preferred to be spending our time reporting a 5,000-word feature story. But the world had changed—and, for all our trepidations, it looked like a good time, and it was, especially during the long 2008 election season. Eventually, the rest of the TNR staff joined us on the blog. And then, many of these writers acquired their own blogs.

Why the GOP Has Gone Loony
September 08, 2009

TNR senior editor Jonathan Chait discusses his last “TRB From Washington” column with editor Franklin Foer: What made Republicans decide to hop on the

TNRtv: Why the GOP Has Gone Loony
September 07, 2009

TNR senior editor Jonathan Chait discusses his last “TRB From Washington” column with editor Franklin Foer: What made Republicans decide to hop on the

Welcome to the New!
August 28, 2009

Welcome, dear readers, to the revamped We understand that reinvention is part of the very fabric of the internet, and so an overhaul like this is not usually regarded as an event of the same magnitude as, say, an old-fashioned print magazine relaunch. But this new site is a very big deal for us.  There are plenty of Old Media haunts where the marquee writers still turn up their noses at the web. You’ll find many venerable magazines with sites that have an entirely different roster of contributors and an entirely different sensibility from print.

May 06, 2009

Barack Obama's new theory of the state.

March 26, 2008

When Bill Buckley died last week, the assistant to a famous New York editor phoned. ”I’m so sorry,” she said softly. ”I know it must be very sad and chaotic over there.” I was a bit befuddled by her description of the office, which didn’t seem any less ebullient than usual. ”Yes, it’s quite chaotic,” I fumbled. Apparently misinterpreting my confusion for sorrow, she asked, ”Can you help my boss get into the memorial service?” She had, of course, committed a common opinion-journalism faux pas, the same one that the Boston Herald repeated with its obituary headline, WILLIAM F.

The Pleasures Of MSNBC
January 03, 2008

Historical Analogies Run Amok: Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have just compared Obama's victory to Lexington and Concord and the election of 1932 and the American Civil War. They neglected the obvious Glorious Revolution comparison. Giuliani Interview: It was a genuine pleasure to listen to Giuliani nervously laugh his way through questions about whether he could support a nominee like Huckabee with his views on arming the citizenry. Last I looked, Rudy had four percent in the caucus--that's sixth place, I believe.

January 03, 2008

The pro-Romney folks over at the Corner are starting to hyperventilate.

Fog of War
December 10, 2007

For months, our magazine has been subject to accusations that stories we published by an American soldier then serving in Iraq were fabricated. When these accusations first arose, we promised our readers a full account of our investigation. We spent the last four-and-a-half months re-reporting his stories. These are our findings.When Michael Goldfarb, a blogger for The Weekly Standard, left me a message on a Tuesday afternoon in mid-July, I didn't know him or his byline.