Geoff Dyer

An Unreal Photo of a Brazilian Soldier During a Pre–World Cup Favela Operation
May 04, 2014

Sometimes a picture looks too good to be true. This is so good I wondered if it might be one of those scenes lit and staged by David Levinthal, using little model soldiers.

The Falling Dutchman: You're Looking at the Future of Photography
April 02, 2014

This is—or should that be “These are”?—how the future of photography might look. The history of the medium, in common with most technologies, is largely about ever-increasing speed.

Photo: Serena Williams Playing Tennis in Outer Space
February 09, 2014

In a boxing match, the combatants are rarely more than a couple of feet apart. Even the punch that separates them absolutely—the moment marking the difference between victory and defeat—unites them in brutal intimacy.

Think You're Cold? At Least You're Not Trapped in Antarctic Ice
January 25, 2014

74 people spent Christmas trapped in this block of ice.

The Rebranding of Red Square
January 24, 2014

Establishing shots from every cold war scene ever filmed here made Moscow the epicenter of a massive and massively bankrupt Empire of Evil, in ideological opposition to democracy and freedom.

Photo: The Berlin Wall as Fascinating Abstract Art
December 14, 2013

One’s first thought on seeing this—“Hmm, cool picture!”—turns almost immediately into a second: “Wish I could go to that place and see it for myself.” What the image suggests most powerfully is that (if I may be permitted simultaneously to invent and

This Picture Says More About Gravity Than Alfonso Cuarón's Movie
December 12, 2013

A beautiful shot of cliff-diving in Thailand.

Windows on a Parade
This incredible photo of a South Korean office building actually tells a story
November 04, 2013

In each issue of The New Republic, Geoff Dyer meditates on a news photograph and its meaning. 

Flags of the Resistance
What I see in this incredible photo from Syria
September 22, 2013

In a broken Syrian city, symbols of life’s resilience—and America’s predicament