Hannah Tennant-Moore

Mary Gaitskill Makes the Superficial Bearable
October 05, 2015

Her new novel “The Mare” finds hidden truths in ordinary moments.

Hysterical Punctuation
June 12, 2012

If Joseph Salvatore’s writing is not always satisfying, this is largely a function of his ambition, which pays homage to David Foster Wallace and W.G.

Thoughtful Torture
April 12, 2011

Cerebral imagery is typical of Ranko Marinković, whose narrative epic—set in the former Yugoslavia in the early 1940s—is based on Ulysses, which had a

An Inventory of Missing
October 06, 2010

Given how attuned Frederic Tuten is to imagery (of the external world as well as of the imagination), it is no surprise that Self Portraits is nearly