Howard Markel

Young Doctors Can Be Courageous. They Can Also Be Careless.
October 24, 2014

Doctors really do make the worst patients.

What a Past Epidemic Teaches Us About Ebola
October 19, 2014

Was there hysteria over a handful of cases? Check. Scapegoating of immigrants and public health officials? Check.

How Scary Is This Ebola Outbreak?
August 10, 2014

An expert on epidemics answers your questions.

A Deadly Virus Just Arrived in the U.S.
May 04, 2014

A doctor explains where it came from, what the symptoms are, and just how worried you should be. 

Remembering Sherwin Nuland, a Surgeon Who Healed With Words
March 10, 2014

Like the great doctors he admired and wrote so well about, Dr. Nuland was the consummate healer.

Deadly Locations
May 24, 2012

Tom Koch, a medical geographer, demonstrates how maps were critical to epidemiology long before the germ theory of disease was ever uttered, let alone

The Very Deadliest Habit
March 29, 2012

Moral outrage over the tobacco industry’s century-long (and counting) merchandising of death colors every word of Golden Holocaust, from the title pag

When The Bad News Comes
February 16, 2012

An air of bittersweet nobility envelops this collection of cancer essays. Seven prominent bioethicists collaborated to produce Malignant—five who batt

It’s the Science, Stupid
December 15, 2011

Back in the 1980s, doctors had little to offer beyond a kind heart, an attentive ear, and a few highly problematic drugs. An avalanche of intriguing i