Irving Kristol

The Last Hundred Days
November 19, 1990

John F. Kennedy and the raising of the Berlin Wall.

Book Review: A Treasure for the Future
July 10, 1990

The essays of Hannah Arendt.

Why I Am For Humphrey
December 31, 1989

Only he can lead the right kind of pragmatic, liberal majority.

Why I Left
April 11, 1988

How Washington, D.C., is better than New York City.

Book Review: The Feminist Attack On Smut
July 25, 1981

It was utterly predictable that freedom of pornographic speech and action would sooner  or later come into conflict with the women's movement. Pornography, after all, has long been recognized to be a predominantly male fantasy involving the sadistic humiliation of women. The women's movement itself, however, did not foresee any such conflict.