Isaac Chotiner

GOP: Ending Filibusters Is Unconstitutional and Un-American—and We'll Do it, Too
November 22, 2013

Republicans are so outraged by the Democrats' use of the "nuclear option," they're threatening to nuke back.

Marco Rubio's Foreign-Policy Speech Proves That He is The Most Craven U.S. Senator
November 20, 2013

Read his Big Thoughtful Foreign Policy Speech and see if you can find a single idea

Liz Cheney's Gay-Marriage View Would Be Repugnant Even If Her Sister Were Straight
November 19, 2013

Her anti-gay stance is repugnant because it hurts millions of people—not because one of them is her sibling

Jeb Bush: I'm Too Poor to Run for President!
November 17, 2013

Want to understand the disconnect between the rich and everyone else? Read about how an heir to a dynasty worried he'd impoverished his family by serving as governor of a large state.

Politico Magazine Looks Like an In-Flight Magazine
November 15, 2013

The D.C. political paper produces a magazine. Critics pounce.

Someone Not Named P.G. Wodehouse Has Just Written a New Bertie and Jeeves Novel
November 13, 2013

Someone not named P.G. Wodehouse has just written a new Bertie and Jeeves novel, and Wodehouse fans should worry.

A Chris Christie Presidency Would Be a Disaster for Liberals
November 10, 2013

Christie's moderate views on certain social issues would do little to change things. His severe views on fiscal and foreign policy are another story. 

Malcolm Gladwell Has Found God (and Glenn Beck)
November 07, 2013

The "Tipping Point" author talks to us about why he visited Glenn Beck, and how he admires faith

To Run For President, Chris Christie Will Have to Get Much Less Moderate, or Much More Unpleasant.
November 05, 2013

With a big win over his Democratic opponent on Tuesday, Chris Christie is sure to enjoy more accolades, and speculation about his plans for higher office.

Slavoj Žižek is Absurd: Pornography Edition
November 04, 2013

The New Republic's Adam Kirsch has already laid bare what is, respectively, sinister and fraudulent about Slavoj Žižek, the Slovene philosopher and campus hero.