Isaac Chotiner

What the Big Michael Bloomberg Interview Reveals
September 09, 2013

Chris Smith's very well executed interview with Michael Bloomberg in New York has received a lot of press for the mayor's remarks about Bill De Blasio, one of the candidates hoping to succeed him.

N+1 Is Wrong. There Have Been Successful Humanitarian Interventions.
September 04, 2013

In a piece titled 'A Solution From Hell,' the editors of n+1, playing off the title of Samantha Power's A Problem From Hell, take a long look at the history of humanitarian intervention, and decide that it has never been done successfully.

Don't Worry About Chemical Weapons Becoming the New Norm
September 03, 2013

Given that the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons—or perhaps its latest use of chemical weapons—has been the particular atrocity that is likely going to lead the United States to war, the logic behind this rationale is worth exploring. My fr

Obama's Russia Reset Failed, But His Critics Don't Have Any Better Ideas
September 03, 2013

Peter Baker has a superb, deeply reported story in The New York Times on the Obama administration's attempted "reset" with Russia. According to Baker, the policy is "a case study in how the heady idealism of Mr.

Why the Latest Snowden Leaks about Pakistan Are Scary
September 02, 2013

In a blockbuster story in The Washington Post, Greg Miller, Craig Whitlock and Barton Gellman detail more aspects of the United States's so called "black budget," which was revealed by Edward Snowden in leaks to the newspaper.

Are Washington Elites Really Pushing Us Into a War?
August 28, 2013

In a post for The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf argues that the insularity of Washington commentators has made a war with Syria increasingly likely, or perhaps inevitable.

Finally, a Dictator Does Something that Lanny Davis Cannot Tolerate
August 27, 2013

The last time we heard from Lanny Davis, he was doing what he does best: representing a dictator.

OK, We're Hypocrites! It's Irrelevant to the Syria Debate.
August 26, 2013

Foreign Policy's website has an excellent report on the C.I.A.'s disgraceful backing of Saddam Hussein during the time that he used chemical weapons against Iran. In 1988, as Shane Harris and Matthew M.

The Worst Imaginable Case FOR Gay Marriage
August 26, 2013

Joseph Bottum, the conservative Catholic writer, has penned a long piece for Commonweal in which he declares that he is now in favor of gay marriage.

Obama Trips Over Himself Again on Egypt
August 15, 2013

The best defense I can muster for Team Obama's pathetic response to the events of the last month in Egypt is that the men and women in charge of American foreign policy simply don't mind looking foolish.