Isaac Chotiner

Weirdest. Thing. Ever.

Yes, this has been a strange election. McCain came back from the brink, Hillary and Barack are, absurdly, still neck-and-neck after Super Tuesday, and we could actually have a brokered convention. But, while everyone has been focused on politics, what is surely the most bizarre NBA trade of the decade appears to be on the verge of happening. If sports fan can think of a trade in any sport that rivals this one in the weirdness department, feel free to share it with us in the comments section. --Isaac Chotiner 


Chuck Todd just broke it down on MSNBC in an extremely helpful way. He had Obama winning four more delegates than Hillary (out of 1700!). Wow. A real split decision. P.S. One thing to keep in mind, now that this thing has a real chance of going all the way to the convention: watch those head-to-head polls. If either Hillary or Obama looks a lot stronger against McCain as the year progresses (right now Obama looks about 4 points better, on average), those superdelegates might feel moved to follow the numbers. --Isaac Chotiner 

Missouri For Obama

According to MSNBC. --Isaac Chotiner 

...goes to Obama 86-13. That's a higher percentage than South Carolina, and somewhat surprising. --Isaac Chotiner 

Change gets 53%, 22% say experience. Obama wins change voters by 72%-25%. These are obviously early numbers but for what it's worth... --Isaac Chotiner 

Did McCain and Huckabee cut a deal to ensure that the latter won West Virginia's convention? It sure seems that way, and the Romney campaign is angry. Still, this will probably strike most people as just desserts rather than a dirty trick. --Isaac Chotiner 

Shrum, on what he sees as Mitt Romney's big mistake, from Meet the Press: [H]e remade himself...from a pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-environmental person into someone who didn't want to do anything about global warming, was opposed to gay rights and wanted to outlaw abortion. So he could have been Giuliani without the 9/11 credentials; the GOP would have handed him the nomination on a silver platter! Here's hoping Shrum stays away from the Democratic nominee this year... --Isaac Chotiner

How fitting that America's greatest state may decide the most exciting election in years. There are a slew of new poll numbers out in Super Tuesday states this morning, but the California data is especially interesting. And, shockingly enough, two polls from the state have Mitt Romney now tied or leading John McCain!


Alec MacGillis and Anne Kornblut have a nice front page summary on where the Democratic race stands in this morning's Washington Post. Their conclusion, in short: Obama has momentum, but does he have enough time between now and Super Tuesday to reach parity with Senator Clinton? These grafs caught my eye, however: Polling and election results so far suggest that the more time Obama has to present himself to voters, the better he fares.