Ivan Oransky

Can Stem Cells Treat Paralysis? First Big Test Underway.
October 12, 2010

You may have read about the first FDA-approved test of embryonic stem cells in humans. What's actually happening? And what does it mean for the stem cell debate? The basic idea is to grow nervous system cells (called oligodendrocytes) from human embryonic stem cells, and then transplant those into an injured spinal cord so that they can help nerves grow back. Geron, which is sponsoring the trial, has tried the treatment in rats.

Dr. Know
March 26, 2008

For many years, the main alternative to bypass operations was the cardiac stent, a tiny mesh tube placed in the heart's arteries, where it supposedly protects against blockages. Doctors loved stents because they could put off cracking open someone's chest for a while, or forever, and because stents were much cheaper than surgery.