James Kirchick

Proving The Impossible: Making The Plo Look Good
January 03, 2008

Efraim Karsh, a Middle Eastern scholar at Kings College London who often appears in TNR’s pages and website, has produced a learned analysis of the post-Annapolis situation, published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Do The Palestinians Want To Be Annexed To Palestine?
January 02, 2008

Not on your life. It's a bitter but fully predictable truth.  At least it should be bitter to those who want to imprison Arabs in endemically Palestine.  All the same, the peace processors insist that the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem and their populations should be considered part of Palestine.  But panic now reigns on those who are having Palestinianism imposed on them, real panic.  Says someone who spent two terms in Israeli prisons: "If there were a referendum here, no one would vote to join the Palestinian Authority...There would be another intifada to defend ourselves from the PA."  An

Bloomberg Versus The Bonapartists
January 02, 2008

I've met Michael Bloomberg exactly three times so I don't really know him and he doesn't know me.  But I have many friends who are his friends, truly are, and they are right now bristling with rumor and impression that the New York mayor might actually become a candidate for president.  He would be the richest person ever to have run for the office, with Ross Perot not even coming close.  Unlike Perot, Bloomberg is no crackpot but a sane and meticulous strategist, first for his company, latterly for the city of New York.  If he is now really thinking of the American presidency, you can be sure

An Italian Soccer Team And Hezbollah
January 02, 2008

MEMRI has the story.

Ferguson On The Mortgage Crisis
January 02, 2008

A day does not go by when there aren't at least a few articles in the papers about what has come to be called the "sub-prime crisis." The Times has a top-front page piece this morning plus others elsewhere in the publication; there are several dispatches sprinkled around the Wall Street Journal; even the provincial Boston Globe has two reports in today's three page business section. The coverage in the Financial Times seems almost to be about nothing else. In the end -- or is it in the beginning?

"the Caucus Racket"
January 02, 2008

Leave it to Christopher Hitchens to write the most spot-on take down of the Iowa Caucus, rife with "open corruption," "Tammany tactics," and "mini-bribes." Hitchens illustrates the depths to which our democracy has sunk in detailing the Obama campaign's sending instructional DVDs to caucus-goers' homes; "Nobody needs a DVD to understand one-person-one-vote, a level playing field, and a secret ballot." Of course the secret ballot -- fundamental to any democratic process -- is absent in the caucus, replaced by a bizarre, Midwestern public shaming ritual straight out of a Garrison Keillor novel,

The Uselessness Of The U.n.
December 31, 2007

At 11:49 a.m. on the last day of the year, I posted a Spine on Darfur and the Democratic campaign, "What Does Hillary Think About Darfur?" In it I digressed about what Obama does or does not think about Darfur. The fact is there is virtually no Democrat who thinks hard about the genocide in Sudan, and it doesn't take very much to grasp what is going on. And, yes, I ridiculed the United Nations which seems to be every liberal's lame recipe for action. Then I turned to the Financial Times and an article by its smart U.N.

Advice For Obama: Dump Patrick
December 31, 2007

I wonder why Barack Obama has allowed Deval Patrick to campaign for him in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina and presumably other states when their primaries near. The fact is that Patrick, governor of my state of Massachusetts for whom I voted with some enthusiasm, has been singularly a flop in his first year. This morning's Boston Globe, enthusiastic supporter of the governor generally, details his many failures and his slight successes in a story by Frank Phillips.

The Best Newspaper (non)-endorsement Of The 2008 Race
December 23, 2007

...goes to the Concord Monitor. After applauding Mitt Romney for his "athletic build, ramrod posture, Reaganesque hair, a charismatic speaking style and a crisp dark suit," the paper's editorial board comes to this damning conclusion: When New Hampshire partisans are asked to defend the state's first-in-the-nation primary, we talk about our ability to see the candidates up close, ask tough questions and see through the baloney. If a candidate is a phony, we assure ourselves and the rest of the world, we'll know it. Mitt Romney is such a candidate.

Oh My God: A Comeback For Winnie Mandela
December 22, 2007

South Africa has been in a volcano, what with the political detritus rising up and swallowing the surrounding country.Let's start with the man whom no one dares to criticize, Mandela.