Jason Farago

Damien Hirst's Transition from Artist to Luxury Brand Is Complete
December 15, 2012

How come no one cares that he just severed ties with the world's most powerful art dealer? Because he's not an artist anymore.

Among the Thugs—Britain’s Far Right
December 11, 2012

Britain's economy is depressed--so why does the government simply keep calm and carry on?

Not Everything Must Go
December 05, 2012

Rummaging at the museum felt like paying extra for free-trade coffee or the allegedly organic bananas as Wal-Mart.

Art.sy and the Myth of the Online Art Market
October 22, 2012

Art.sy's real business is brokering online sales between galleries and collectors. Will it work?

Revolutionary Road
August 14, 2012

John Dramani Mahama, whose memoir My First Coup d’Etat shows an uncommon literary ambition, in late July became the new president of Ghana.