Jason Zengerle
Senior Editor

Unspecial Olympics
February 15, 1999

Jason Zengerle on acts of corruption reported in the Olympic Games.

Up In Schmoke
August 10, 1998

It's the last weekend in May, and Baltimore's elite has escaped the sweltering city. Attorneys are relaxing on the beach in Ocean City. Bankers are playing golf at lush country clubs in the northern suburbs. And then there's Kurt Schmoke--not only a member of the city's elite, but its mayor-- who can't seem to break free from either Baltimore or the job that's keeping him there.Schmoke is spending his Saturday afternoon at Dunbar High School, a drab fortress of a building in blighted East Baltimore, where he has come to hear from the neighborhood's beleaguered residents.

Water Over the Dam
November 24, 1997

The Sierra Club's strange bid to drain a lake.