Jonathan Cohn
Senior Editor

Why Obama Should Ignore Ferraro
March 12, 2008

As Isaac notes below, Geraldine Ferraro was on national television the morning, defending her controversial comments about Barack Obama and race. Given that Hillary Clinton has officially disavowed Ferraro's statements, not once but twice, you may be wondering why Ferraro is still speaking for the campaign. It turns out that, officially, she isn't--at least according to Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer, who told me that Ferraro is speaking "on her own." Still, the Clinton campaign has not asked Ferraro to sever her affiliation with the campaign. (Ferraro is a member of the campaign's fi

Obama, Man Of Substance
March 10, 2008

As I write this, MSNBC is peeking in live at a Barack Obama rally in Mississippi. They're apparently hoping he'll speak to this "dream ticket" question--i.e., what he thinks about Hillary Clinton's suggestion that they run together, presumably with Obama as the vice presidential candidate. It's the topic that the talking heads on MSNBC--like the talking heads everywhere else--have been discussing for the last hour or so.   So far, Obama isn't obliging.

What A Michigan Primary Would Look Like
March 07, 2008

Via the Detroit Free Press, Michigan Democrats are still trying to figure out how they'd finance a new vote, which they figure would cost around $10 million. But if they do find the money, here's how it would probably work, according to state party chairman Mark Brewer: Brewer said if there were a do-over, it most likely would be a party-run primary, but one in which he'd have to plan for a huge turnout.

Clinton Campaign Needs To Get Over Itself
March 07, 2008

The Clinton campaign is in high dudgeon, calling for Samantha Power to resign her post as an advisor to Barack Obama. For those who haven't read or heard about this saga yet, it seems Power gave an interview with the Scotsman, a Scottish newspaper, in which she referred to Hillary Clinton as a "monster." Via, here is what Representative Nina Lowey, a top Clinton surrogate, said on this morning's campaign conference call: Personal attacks are not the way to convince voters that you're capable of being president of the United States.

How Much Should Obama's Delegate Lead Matter?
March 07, 2008

It's a near-certainty that neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama will finish the primaries and caucuses with the majority of committed delegates necessary to capture the nomination. It's also a near-certainty that, no matter how well Clinton does in the remaining contests, Obama will have more committed delegates than she will once the primaries and caucuses are done.

Most Absurd Clinton Argument Yet?
March 06, 2008

It seems pretty apparent that the Hillary Clinton campaign's "kitchen sink" strategy -- that is, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Barack Obama -- is working.  It's not the only reason Clinton stopped Obama's political momentum and won the critical Ohio and Texas primaries on Tuesday.  But surely it's one of them. So it's hardly surprising that Obama and his advisers have decided to hit back.  On Wednesday, Obama made clear that he would be responding to Clinton attacks more forcefully in the future -- and asking her to answer the same sorts of quesitons that she has been putting to

More Silliness From Camp Clinton
March 05, 2008

In a just-released statement, Pennsylvania Governor and Clinton campaign surrogate Ed Rendell argues that Clinton's win last night was impressive because, among other things, Obama was "benefitting from outside political funds."  By this, I assume, Rendell means the support of pro-Obama unions like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) -- along with, a new independent group that helped him in California.  According to this New York Times report, Powerpac spent $150,000 on mailers for Obama in Texas. Well, sure.  But it's not like Clinton hasn't had the same sort of adva

John Mccain, Economic Fuddy Duddy
March 04, 2008

John McCain will be a formidable general election candidate, I know, but I still think economic policy is going to bedevil him politically. In his remarks to supporters tonight, he devoted all of three paragraphs to economic issues.  That's not a huge amount of attention for what is, according to most polls I've seen, the voters' top concern.  But put that aside and look at the way he talked about it:* I will leave it to my opponent to argue that we should abrogate trade treaties, and pretend the global economy will go away and Americans can secure our future by trading and investing only amon

This Is Obama Country, Too
March 04, 2008

TOLEDO, Ohio -- Northwest Ohio may turn out to be Clinton Country, as I wrote earlier today.

This Is Clinton Country (for Now Anyway)
March 04, 2008

TOLEDO, Ohio--One reason Barack Obama's campaign turned into such a juggernaut over the last few weeks was that he made impressive inroads among Hillary Clinton's base of white working class voters.  Everybody knew Obama could make college students and upper-middle-class professionals swoon; after the South Carolina primary, it was equally clear that he had a lock on the African American vote.