Jonathan Cohn
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Clinton: Yes On Stem Cells, No On Republicans
February 05, 2008

Hillary Clinton just mentioned stem cell research in her evening speech.  (I refuse to call it a victory speech, or a concession for that matter, when we know so little about the delegate counts and California remains too close to call.)  And while I'm sure it's not the first time somebody has mentioned stem cells this campaign season, it's the first time I recall hearing it.  I mention this only because it's traditionally been a very good issue for Democrats.  And I'd forgotten all about it until now. On a more general note, Clinton is spending a lot of time in her speech talking about the fa

Why Clinton Won In Massachusetts
February 05, 2008

I lived in Massachsuetts for a long time before moving to Michigan, so it's a state I know well.  And looking at the regional breakdown there, the ethnic and racial divide is not surprising.  But I find it striking all the same. With 70 percent of Boston's precincts reporting, Obama is winning by a modest margin (52 to 46 percent), presumably reflecting the support of his now-familiar coalition of college students, young professionals, and African-Americans.  Among cities where the counting is finished, Obama won in the upscale Boston suburbs of Brookline, Lexington, Wellsley, plus he won easi

What To Think About Massachusetts And New Jersey
February 05, 2008

As Mike notes at the Stump, the Clinton campaign is crowing about their expected win in Massachusetts.  And now that MSNBC has just called New Jersey for Clinton, I assume we'll be hearing about that state, too.  But keep in mind what this is really all about: delegates.  And in close states like Massachusetts and New Jersey, it's entirely possible that Obama will get plenty of delegates -- nearly as many, in fact, as if he had won it.  (In fact, I suppose it's possible he'll win more delegates.) That said, I'm impressed Clinton seems to have held on in both states.  Of course, I'm also impre

Hillary Hatred, Irrational And Here To Stay
February 05, 2008

Following up on my previous item, here's one other note about Jim Cooper, the Democratic congressman from Tennessee who appears prominently in today's David Brooks column. Towards the end of the column, Cooper suggests that Hillary Clinton is acting just as rigidly now as she did back in 1993 and 1994 -- when she spurned his offers of compromise.  Why does he think that?  Apparently, it's because she's made such a big deal about having an individual mandate -- that is, a requirement that everybody purchase insurance.

Hillarycare And History
February 05, 2008

Today's David Brooks column, which reexamines Hillary Clinton's record during the 1993-94 health care fight, offers an important reminder of the antipathy she has generated not just among many average Americans but also among some members of Congress.  That, by itself, raises important questions about whether she could really master Washington better than Barack Obama could -- a claim she and her supporters frequently make.   But what about the underlying reality that Brooks describes: Did Clinton really botch things back then as much as Brooks -- and pretty much everybody else -- seems to th

How To Endorse Obama -- And Criticize Him
February 05, 2008

DrSteveB, as he calls himself, writes a smart blog for DailyKos that is mostly about health care.  Today, he explains his reasons for supporting Barack Obama.  By itself, that's hardly unusual.  I've seen endorsements all over the web today, mostly for Obama although some for Clinton.  What interested me in this one -- and why I think some readers might find it useful -- is that he makes a case for Obama while recognizing the legitimate concerns about his candidacy, particularly when it comes to health care.     DrSteveB -- who is apparently a real physician -- also gives a nice plug for sin

Health Care Reformers -- Don't Despair!
February 04, 2008

We're going to take a moment from the debate about individual mandates in health care reform -- a topic to which I shall return soon enough -- to bring you some unambiguously good news.  If, that is, you think universal health care is a good idea. Today the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced it would be launching a $75 million election-year campaign on behalf of universal coverage.

Harry And Louise -- They're Back!
February 01, 2008

A quick follow-up on last night's debate over health care reform -- and then a new development. 1.

Paging Dr. Gupta -- America Needs You!
January 31, 2008

Right after the debate, CNN decided to run an hour-long special on health care by their medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta M.D..  I wasn't going to watch it, mostly because of low expectations.

Who Won? The Democrats Did.
January 31, 2008

Unlike the focus group on Fox, the viewers in CNN's group broke ever so slightly for Clinton.  According to CNN, they all came in as undecided voters.