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Latter-Day Skeptics
November 19, 2007

Mormons against Romney.

Friday Blog Talk: More On The Debate
November 16, 2007

Losing Liberals [Michael van der Galien, The Van Der Galien Gazette]: "Although the Social Security debate certainly is interesting, it’s even more interesting--in my opinion--to see how rapidly Obama is losing the support from the liberal base. This is--obviously--incredibly good news for Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t have to present herself as the liberal candidate." Shaming Carville [kos, Daily Kos]: "Would it kill CNN to disclose that James Carville is a partisan Clinton supporter when talking about the presidential race?

The Free-spending Eu
November 16, 2007

"EU aid for poor misspent on golf clubs," reads the headline from Wednesday's Financial Times.  Actually, the EU is cursed by rigor mortis and unbelievable lassitude.  But this spending on projects for which there were no appropriations happened all over Europe: in England, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania.  Recipients of the "aid for the poor" money were horse riding and breeding clubs, golf clubs and other leisure facilities.  3.9 billion pounds worth.

Forward March
November 15, 2007

Only a handful of senators--perhaps most notably Strom Thurmond--have served in the U.S. Senate while in their nineties. Within seven years, their ranks could expand by three. The trio of aspiring nonagenarian senators nipping at Thurmond's heels includes Robert Byrd (who turns 90 on Tuesday) and Ted Stevens (who has announced plans to run for re-election next year, when he will be 84)--two men who have taken turns serving as Senate president pro tempore, chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee, and unofficial symbol of the geriatric Senate establishment.

Best Line Of The Debate
November 15, 2007

It may be shameless regional pandering, but Barack Obama might just have locked up my vote tonight when he was discussing illegal immigrants: "They're coming here to work, not to go to the In-n-Out Burger." You never know, they might be.

Blog Talk: Huckabee Can Win
November 15, 2007

  Huck's For Real [Soren Dayton,]: " He is clearly rising in the polls into a clear second. And success begets success.  And it seems clear that outside groups like NRLC will whack at Mitt Romney to drop his numbers. Lastly, everyone, other than Romney, wins by a Huckabee victory.

Aclu Of Southern California: Impeach Bush And Cheney
November 15, 2007

  Do you want to know why it's so tedious sitting next to an ACLU board member at dinner?  Well, now you'll know.    Yes, I know this is only the Sothern California branch.  And National may not follow.  But here is the morally smug and politically idiotic statement issued from the beach. ACLU of Southern California Calls for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney -- Will National Follow? ACLU-SC Calls for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney The ACLU of Southern California has called for the impeachment of President George W.

Jeffrey Goldberg, Daniel Goldhagen, Nicholas Lemann Take On The Walt-mearsheimer Travesty Of History
November 15, 2007

You probably recall Jeffrey Goldberg's review in TNR of the Walt-Mearsheimer book that has barely gotten one favorable review anywhere.  But it has sold many copies.  Why the disjunction?  Anyway, I believe that this treatment of "the Jewish lobby" is a flimsy and meretricious fraud.  So I organized an evening in New York at which Jeff, the Washington editor of the Atlantic, spoke with two others.  One of them is Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, the Harvard historian of genocide whose book, Hitler's Willing Executioners, rocked the world of the mind a few years ago.  The other, who served as chairman o

Subprime Fallout In The Art World
November 15, 2007

You may recall my dirge a few days ago over the high prices some junk art was about to fetch at Christie's and Sotheby's.  Most of them still went for unthinkable millions.  But not as many millions as the auction houses had projected.  One doesn't know whether it was because of a sudden fit of good taste or the fact that the markets have been very shaky.  After all, the big gambles in banks and hedge funds have turned very sour.  So the gamblers are more than a bit shy.The particularly ugly Andy Warhol of Liz Taylor which Christie's estimated might go as high as $35 million (plus commission a

Matory's Motion Fails
November 15, 2007

Two days ago I posted a note here about the resolution proposed by J.