Julia Ioffe
Senior Editor

Russia's Liberals Are Watching Ukraine's Revolution Very Closely—And So Is Putin
December 02, 2013

In case you missed it, Kiev has been exploding over the last few days.

A 31-Year-Old Is Tearing Apart the Heritage Foundation
Think Republicans have been making fools of themselves? Blame Michael Needham.
November 24, 2013

Think Republicans Have been Making Fools of themselves? Blame Michael Needham.

Yes, I Got Vaccinated for Whooping Cough. I Shouldn't Need a Booster, Too.
November 11, 2013

Okay, a lot of people have been asking me since I posted a little ditty about having whooping cough, the common name for pertussis: Was I vaccinated?

I've Got Whooping Cough. Thanks a Lot, Jenny McCarthy.
November 11, 2013

The anti-vaccination movement is coming to take your good health away.

Rand Paul Apologizes for Plagiarism, Not for Neo-Confederate Staffers
November 07, 2013

The worst thing you can do to Rand Paul is question his intellect or its honesty. Neo-confederates on the payroll? That's different.

Russians Still Love Pogroms
October 15, 2013

This weekend, a working class neighborhood erupted in violence after a 25 year-old Russian was stabbed to death, allegedly by a migrant from Russia's Caucasus region. Hooligans and soccer fanatics quickly joined the fray, as did local residents, shou

This Russian Architect's Scale Model Was Impressive. Then They Noticed the Couple Having Sex.
October 10, 2013

The Olympics aren't just about Sochi, and Sochi isn't just about the Olympics, the Russians will tell you.

It's Back: Florida or Russia? Part Deux
October 04, 2013

It's been a rough week, America. So to at least to give you one chuckle this week, we bring back our series: Florida or Russia? Okay, first one's easy: On September 13, a young man on a motorcycle took a ride around a subway platform.

Two Russians Walk Into a Parliamentary Crisis...
October 01, 2013

This is what Yeltsin did to Russia's parliament when they were being stubborn.