Katherine Marsh

Best Moment Of Obama's Remarkable Speech
November 05, 2008

When he assures the people whose vote he did not win "I will be your president too."

Obama Wins: And Then?
October 29, 2008

As is their nature, with victory in sight, Democrats have lapsed into total Eeyore mode. You can see it on TNR's blogs, as well as just about everyone else's--the gloomy fixation with polls (Michael Crowley, by the way, has the original must-read on the subject), the tortured debates over Obama's inevitability, the sleepless anticipation of an October surprise. But let's get real here, folks: Despite all the hand-wringing--and what I anticipate will be a closing spate of improved poll numbers for McCain--Obama is likely to come out the winner.

The Year Of The (hot) Woman
October 24, 2008

This morning's Washington Post has a front-page article by Lois Romano proclaiming "Ideology Aside, This is the Year of the Woman." For those who want a slightly different take, I highly recommend Michelle Cottle's excellent piece. And for those who don't think the Post headline even makes sense, I would eyeball a Palin piece I wrote last month about why, when it comes to feminism, you can't put ideology aside. But perhaps the best unintentional retort to the Post article comes 18 pages later in a Post op-ed by the conservative Palin critic Kathleen Parker.

A Dissenting Opinion
August 29, 2008

There was a moment after Barack Obama spoke but before Michelle and the children had made it on stage when the crowd roared and the fireworks shot into the sky, but the candidate stood alone. It was clear that the Mile High crowd was exactly that, caught up in the emotion of the moment, but Obama seemed oddly apart from it all, and at least to this TV viewer, there was a sense of disconnection. I admit to being a fan of Obama's more rhetorical and eloquent style, yet I also believe he needed to be more "workman-like" as his campaign described the speech.