Kathryn Olson

This Map Predicts Where Violence Will Erupt in Afghanistan
November 25, 2013

As a security deal between the U.S. and Afghanistan stalls, this is what the future looks like.

This Map Shows Why the Philippines Is More Vulnerable Than Ever to Typhoons
November 13, 2013

As the Philippines struggle to recover from Typhoon Haiyan—which killed thousands of people and is one of the most intense tropical cyclones on record—a new UN report suggests the South Pacific should prepare for more catastrophes. 2013 is set to be

Here's How One World Trade Center, America's Tallest Building, Compares Worldwide
November 12, 2013

For the first time in nearly 40 years, New York City will be home to the country's tallest building.

Map: Blockbuster Video Isn't Dead Yet—in Other Countries, Anyway
November 07, 2013

Blockbuster LLC, the once-ubiquitous video rental chain, will close its remaining 300 stores in the United States and end its mail DVD rental service by January 2014, parent company Dish Network Corporation said Wednesday in a press release.

Infographic: Is Closing Gitmo a Security Risk or Wise Move?
October 29, 2013

As Al Qaeda suspect Abu Anas Al-Libi, who was captured recently in Libya, awaits trial before a New York federal court, military commissions for five of the U.S. military’s most high-value detainees drag on at the U.S.

Photos: 34 Years of Anti-American Propaganda in Iran
October 28, 2013

Since 1979, anti-US art has been a staple of Iran's streetscape. But is this era of propaganda coming to an end?

The Government Shutdown From A to Z: A Handy, Half-Serious Glossary
October 15, 2013

We’re in Week Three of the government shutdown, speeding toward the October 17 debt ceiling deadline. The stalemate continues, and the Smithsonian's still closed. We know the two parties are talking, but what are they actually saying?