Kevin Mahnken

Take the World War II Memorial—Please!
October 15, 2013

If architecture is, as Goethe put it, frozen music, then which classical opus is suspended within the granite semicircle of Washington’s National World War II memorial?

Why Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s New Miniseries About Civil Rights Matters More Than Ever
October 14, 2013

There was a Dickensian mood at the National Press Club when, on a stormy Wednesday last week, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Dick Gephardt, Where Art Thou?
October 09, 2013

Dick Gephardt spent most of his 14 terms in Washington writing his legislative achievements in water. For a guy who spent decades in the Democratic Party's leadership, including stints as both the Majority and Minority Leader in the House of Represen

U.S. Military Interventions: A Congressional Scorecard

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The 12 Craziest Things Ever Said About Obamacare
October 06, 2013

Is anyone else bummed out by the shutdown?

Two GOP Operatives Reveal How to Turn Texas Blue
August 21, 2013

It’s the most common daydream of whichever consultant is masterminding Hillary Clinton’s campaign-in-waiting; for Republicans like Ted Cruz, there could be no greater catastrophe (leaving aside, naturally, the United Nations’ in

The End of the Career-Ending Sex Scandal
July 08, 2013

Decades hence, when we’re telling our baffled grandkids about the historical move away from laws prohibiting adultery, miscegenation, sodomy, gay marriage, and (probably, let’s face it) polygamy, we’ll linger for a while on the crucial events of the

Exile Chic
July 03, 2013

Our guide to high-profile asylums, defections, and passport swaps

All for the Want of Cottage Cheese
June 21, 2013

Just as a smooth, luminous pearl hardens around the irritant of a single grain of sand, many of the most magnificent acts of social unrest come as the result of local issues and incidents that are easily forgotten in the haze of tear gas and improvis