Learned Hand

The Hope of the Minimum Wage
November 20, 1915

Minimum wage laws are to all practical intents as yet untried in the United States. Even their validity remains doubtful, for the Supreme Court still holds undecided the test case argued nearly a year ago. Un Australia, where analogous laws have been in operation for over ten years, it is different, and in the current number of the Harvard Law Review one may learn from Mr.

Government According to Law
November 06, 1915

In the illuminating study of "Administrative Mobilization' published in another part of this issue, Mr. Graham Wallas winds up a discussion of what the United States might do in peace in order to prepare specifically for war with a startling piece of advice.

Normal Inequalities of Fortune
February 06, 1915

The Supreme Court has decided that no state may forbid an employer to compel a workman to leave the union under penalty of losing his job. This is not a new decision, but the Court repeated its belief in the propriety of the principle and refused to change the law. The result is that it will take the consent of the legislatures of three quarters of all the states in conjunction with Congress to make illegal such a practice. How has such a result arrived?