Marc Tracy
Staff Writer

Ai Weiwei Stands Up for Justice—Even for A Corrupt Official
August 06, 2012

“Chinese law is a big joke.” So says Ai Weiwei, China’s premier artist, in Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, a documentary which was released late last month. In recent years, Ai has been the most prominent critic of his government’s repression and lack of transparency.

What It’s Really Like To Be an Olympian
August 02, 2012

Four years ago in Beijing, James Williams won a silver medal as a member of the United States’ Men’s Sabre team (sabre has quick slashing; what you probably picture as fencing more closely resembles the ripostes of épée and foil). This year in London, Williams additionally qualified for Men’s Individual, losing in the Round of 32 Saturday morning. Tomorrow, starting so-early-it-won’t-even-be-bright with a draw against top-seeded Russia, the Men’s Team competes.

The Real Reason Romney Wants To Talk About Israel and ‘Culture’
August 01, 2012

All it had to be was one more slip-up; one more gaffe with which Mitt Romney could have further flooded the gaffe market, further devaluing all the others. That would be the logical plan, and it seemed to be the one his campaign was following after it was reported that Romney had attributed the massive difference between Israelis’ and Palestinians’ per capita GDP to “culture” (and “the hand of providence”) while speaking to Jewish donors in Jerusalem Monday morning.

Breaking: The Olympics Will Overlap with the Presidential Campaign
July 23, 2012

Mitt Romney could still announce his running mate over the next few days, although at this point it seems unlikely that he will. What has seemingly been banned definitively is Romney's holding off this week while still announcing before August 13th. After all, one thing is agreed upon: watch out for the Olympics! “Romney’s second window opens around Aug.

A Bain By Any Other Spelling
July 18, 2012

This weekend, one catchy syllable, one unmistakable proper noun, is likely to be on the lips of many millions across the country: Bane. That's the name of the villain in The Dark Knight Rises, the third installment of director Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot and one of the most anticipated movies of all time.