Marin Cogan

Better Than Chants
November 16, 2007

This is a very punchy, fun, effective summary of the writers' case against the studios:   --Jonathan Chait

Ben Cohen's Pentagon Dream
November 14, 2007

This weekend on Ezra Klein's blog, Nicholas Beaudrot posted a neat picture of a pie graph affixed to a car that showed relative levels of discretionary federal budget spending. The graph-mobile is effective at making its point: Pentagon spending dominates half the chart, dwarfing all other expenditures.

From One U Of C Graduate To Another: Analogy Alert
November 06, 2007

The newly anointed editor of Commentary, John Podhoretz, published a column in which he said I called Tim Russert a Nazi here on Open U. Now the right wing blogosphere is marching in formation to broadcast the charge.Worse, Podhoretz said I was a nobody before I published my book, “Get to Work.”Whassup? In making a plea for Democrats to stay away from Russert’s thinly disguised Democrat Destruction Machine, I invoked the very famous poem attributed to German Pastor Martin Niemoller.

What's Your Problem? Episode 25.4
November 01, 2007

Does Woodstock Really Define Hillary?     (Note: We're still having trouble getting the players to work in Mozilla Firefox browsers. Our friendly tech people promise us they're working on it, in the meantime, we're posting the video in The Plank, where it should be viewable in all browsers. Thanks again for your patience as we get the new site straightened out!

The End Of Gay Culture
October 30, 2007

In today's New York Times, Patricia Leigh Brown notes the cancellation of the annual Halloween party in San Francisco's Castro district as part of a broader trend of change in the legendary gayborhood's cultural identity.