Mark Oppenheimer

Raising Children Requires Outsourcing
April 03, 2013

All parents do it, whether they realize it or not.

Making Time for TV
March 05, 2013

Why parents who love television should let their kids watch, too.

Maybe It's Time I Picked Up a Pot Habit
January 30, 2013

A married father of three considers doing what he's never done: smoke pot habitually.

We Know Everything About Celebrity Scientologists, But Nothing About Scientology
January 18, 2013

Most new religions, like most new businesses, die a quick crib death. Scientology, however, is not about to disappear. Scholars put the number of adherents in this country at about 25,000—a far cry from the millions of members its leaders claim, but hardly insignificant for a group that was founded about 50 years ago. Despite all its bad press, the allegations that it terrorizes its critics, its cult-like secrecy and hounding of apostates, and its very weird science-fiction cosmogony, it has become a part of the fabric of communities across the country.

Gospel Truth—Colm Tóibín Reinvents Mary
December 26, 2012

The Testament of Mary is a first-person novella, but it is also an argument about the contingent nature of the Christian tradition.

Don't Tell the Kids a Damn Thing About Newtown
December 14, 2012

A father hurries to his daughter's school after learning of the Newtown massacre.

Why Are American Politicians Always Switching Religions?
December 13, 2011

If Newton Leroy Gingrich becomes the Republican candidate for president of the United States, then the 2012 election will be a contest between two men who found new religions fairly late in life. Gingrich is on his third religion: He was raised a Lutheran, later became a Southern Baptist, and in 2009 was received into the Roman Catholic church. President Obama, having been raised in an irreligious home, famously found faith as an adult in Chicago, where he was baptized in 1988 by Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.

Speak Now
March 23, 2010

If Menaker simply wished to write a short, highly personal book on conversation, he ought to have expanded his lists of do's and don’ts and been freer