Martin Peretz

Condi Rice's Bad Trip
March 03, 2008

No, she didn't exactly take drugs. But it is as if she did.  The fact is that her peace fantasy persuaded Hamas to launch its more advanced rocketry into Israel.  Which forced Israel to retaliate. Which forced Mohammad Abbas to break off negotiations with Israel.  All in behalf of a dream that, certainly now, could not happen. Noah Pollak has analyzed the context of the renewed Gaza war, and it is the frantic peace-making efforts of the United States. Better for all if the status quo were to remain status quo. Better certainly than peace initiatives that roil the landscape.

What Will The Candidates Say?
March 03, 2008

The Bush administration has made numerous erroneous judgements -- actually, devastating judgements -- in the matter of international security.  The Democrats have made much of some of these, about Iraq, in particular.  Curiously, however, but actually predictably, they have largely ignored the National Intelligence Estimate of December 3, 2007 which absolved Iran of attempting to produce nuclear weapons.  In fact, the Democrats more or less endorsed the N.I.E.

The End Of Racism?
March 02, 2008

Yes, I know, America is a racist country just like we always thought it was. Right? Well, actually, wrong, despite the insistence of those who argued, among other persistences of the old order, that "whites simply won't vote for black candidates for higher office." How disappointing the Obama campaign must be to them, how deeply exasperating.

Bloomberg For Vice President?
March 02, 2008

Well, some people say he's running for governor of New York as a Republican. This would be hard for the Empire State G.O.P. to swallow. After all, a few months ago Bloomberg actually quit the Republican Party -- maybe because he was serious thinking about throwing himself into the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination. Other folk speculate that he'd prefer to fight Eliot Spitzer for the State House within the parameters of the Democratic Party.Why is Bloomberg so fungible? Maybe because he has $10 or even $15 billion to his name.

If It Doesn't Work, Do It
March 02, 2008

The U.N. secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, has made his predictable pronunciamento on the Israeli effort to stop Hamas terrorism, latterly reaching further into Israel and with more accurate weapons, also killing civilians.  "Disproportionate," he said it was. So what would be proportionate?  Anything that doesn't work. 

A Fool Unknowingly Contradicts Himself
March 01, 2008

The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, today called Israeli retaliation against the relentless rocketing of southern Israel from Gaza "worse than the Holocaust." This was reported in the Jerusalem Post. Of course, the characterization is preposterous.  And not only because the fighting was touched off by the Palestinian insistence on sending Kassams across the international frontier. Now, almost everybody has conspired to characterize Abbas as a civilized moderate.

Hillary And The Mcgovern Inheritance
March 01, 2008

Some people are still worried about a few names on Barack Obama's list of advisers. I'm not, although I yield to no one in my revulsion at Zbig Bzrezinski being on any list but the list of the forgotten and the ignored.The New York Times has a fascinating account by Julie Bosman bout an even more ancient and more troubling connection that has been put to work in the Clinton campaign. It is the old network of enthusiasts for George McGovern. Some of you are not old enough to recall. But George McGovern's campaign for the presidency was starkly isolationist.

What Next For Cuba?
March 01, 2008

  One Herbert Matthews covered revolutionary Cuba for the New York Times. Matthews was infatuated with Castro, as another Timesman Walter Duranty became intoxicated with Leninist and Stalinist Russia. Thus, generations of Americans were systematically misled about Communism and what it did to societies that had other and more humane alternatives.  Look into the eyes of lefties from 1959 and beyond, and there is still a dazzled myopia when Castro is mentioned.

The Obama Turban Photo: Kenya Vs. Hillary
February 29, 2008

Several Reuters stories report that Kenya, which is widely enthusiastic for Barack Obama in his race for president, is apparently incensed by Hillary Clinton. What possibly did she do to the Kenyans?  How did they ever notice anything in the U.S. in the midst of the organized slaughter of thousands of their own people?Well, like many Americans, they were offended by the photo of Obama wearing a turban and other Somali clothes that was posted on the DrudgeReport, apparently sent to Drudge by someone on Hillary's campaign staff.

Bringing Tragedy Upon Themselves
February 28, 2008

Let no one be deluded. Hamas is bruising for a war, and Israel will oblige. Sooner rather than later. Four Kassam rockets hit the city of Ashkelon, which dates to deep antiquity and is now home to 120,000 people. Palestinian terrorism had mostly skirted this population center, having concentrated its rocketry on Sderot and a few Kibbutzim in the Negev.    But the attacks on Ashkelon signfy that Hamas' capacity is now longer range and greater accuracy. (This is a forewarning to the Israelis about what might happen if they were to hand over the West Bank to the Palestinians.