Martin Peretz

The Danish Stockholm Syndrome
February 28, 2008

On Wednesday, tens of thousands of enraged Sundanese demonstrated in the streets of Khartoum. You don't have to asked why. Yes, the cartoons. Again and yet again. A quite detailed report by Mohamed Osman was carried in yesterday's Washington Post, and in some ways I have to confess this looks like comedy. President Bashir told the crowd that, "Not a single Danish foot will from now on desecrate the land of Sudan." Now, I'm not aware that many Danes thought of Sudan as a destination resort. But some Scandinavians do have a yen to burn their sallow pale skins, which is why they travel to Eilat a

She's A Very Crafty Lady
February 28, 2008

Imagine someone who can jibe her financial interests, her charitable activities and her political ambitions into one. Take a look at the dazzling New York Times story this morning on Hillary Clinton and ethanol.

Wfb, Rip
February 28, 2008

Today's Boston Herald, a deepy unserious, dying conservative-populist newspaper, states, in its headline story today on Bill Buckley, that the recently deceased founder of National Review was in fact the founder of The New Republic. I don't think even WFB would be amused.

The Continuing War On Israel
February 28, 2008

Hamas continued its showering of Kassams on Sderot, and Israel continued its retributive strikes on Gaza. There were the dead and the wounded, one fatality being Israeli. Southern Israel came under particular heavy attack, with at least 50 rockets having fallen in the span of two hours on Wednesday. Much of this is reported in a New York Times article by my friend and sometime TNR writer Isabel Kershner. And also a more timely piece in Ha'aretz. Of the eight Palestinians killed, two were identified by Gaza residents as having just returned from Iran.

Farrakhan And Me
February 26, 2008

Here's a critique by James Taranto on the WSJ's OpinionJournal of Farrakhan and me. Both I (a certified member of the Israel lobby) and Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam have remarked on the fact that Barack Obama was born to a white teen-age mother. Of course, Farrakhan's hyperbole was to show that Obama's birth followed the model of the birth of Fard Muhammad, the founder of Nation of Islam sect, to a woman who also was white.

"the Sderot Calculus"
February 26, 2008 what the Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens calls his column this morning about Israel's options in Gaza. Some 2,500 Kassam rockets have been fired from Gaza. And, while only 12 of them were lethal and hundreds of others resulted "only" in maiming and amputations, the consequences for normal life have been awful.

Hillary's Photo
February 26, 2008

Hillary and her pals are desperate, and so they are doing desperate acts. Here's a photograph they've been circulating: The FT this morning is confident enough that the responsibility forthis obscenity belongs at Hillary's doorstep that it has basicallyattributed the distribution to her minions. And, in a smarmy response tothe controversy, a Clinton official said, "If Barack Obama's campaign wantsto suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing isdivisive, they should be ashamed." Such hypocrisy. Yuk!

Hail Columbia! It Picks Its Israelis Very Carefully
February 26, 2008

Here, from the eminent Middle Eastern scholar Martin Kramer -- the author of Ivory Towers on Sand, among other books -- a catch-up on how Columbia University is handling its Zionist problem. It does it by having Palestinian extremists patrol the halls of academe.

Sudan Threatens Denmark. Shouldn't It Be The Other Way Around?
February 25, 2008

Last week, European Muslims were again threatening Denmark because some Copenhagen newspaper had reprinted the famous cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. And now they are calling in their heavy artillery. It appears from an A.P. dispatch today that Sudan has "threatened to expel Danish organizations, snub the country's officials and boycott its products" in retaliation for the publication of the caricatures. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Obama On Israel
February 25, 2008

I have written here and elsewhere that Barack Obama's views on Israel and the possibilties of peace between it and the Palestinians are both tough-minded and deeply comprehending. I don't at all think that I'd be disappointed with an Obama presidency, and certainly not with his attitude towards the Jewish State.