Mary Jo Bang

An Individual Equinox Suitable for Framing
September 25, 2013

Light under the sky, the window not open...

Rude Mechanicals
March 21, 2013

                            Against a white wall someone’s hair was a treetop, the body,the trunk of a tree.

D Is Dying, as One Going in the Dark
February 18, 2009

A feeling of something indefinable but not right. Not comfortable. A rushing. Sometimes I have to stop And sort out time at cyberspeed.   It’s supposed to arrive “between 2 and 3 in the morning.” The very specificity of the promise makes me disbelieve. If it ever arrives, I’ll say, Good, that’s over. That little irritating suspense.   The hollowing wait. The stupid want For good news. No bad. What more can one ask for? One day more over in the prison Of childhood. The runaway fantasies.   The retreat into the open mind, That mysterious conceptual nothing. Distant fireworks.