Max Fisher

Why Infrastucture Updates Are So Urgently Needed
December 12, 2008

Now that we're anticipating major infrastructure spending under Obama, we should start considering where, exactly, that spending should go. Sarah Goldhagen's 2007 piece on America's crumbling infrastructure lays out where the problems are, why they're so urgent, and how we can go about fixing them: A quick survey of the infrastructural elements of the United States' metropolitan regions suggests that a few might be said to be doing tolerably well. The rest, which means those in most of the country, are in horrendous shape.

Were Layoffs Just The Beginning?
December 08, 2008

Mark I. Pinsky's piece arguing for a bailout of laid-off reporters has new urgency today: The Tribune Company may be filing for bankruptcy, possibly this week, and The New York Times is planning a $225 million mortgage against its 52-story headquarters, built just last year.

A Surprising Sign In A Deep-blue Chicago Neighborhood
November 04, 2008

Reader Sara Solomon sends in this picture and report from her Chicago neighborhood: I arrived at my polling place at around 10:00 am. ... West Rogers Park is one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the country. Indians, Pakistanis, Eastern Europeans, Orthodox Jews, Greeks, Africans, and Anglo-Americans intersect in these tree-lined streets. I can't begin to guess how they vote here, but the State Senatorial, Congressional and Senatorial candidates are all Democrats running unopposed.

Matt Bai's Favorite Campaign Coverage
November 04, 2008

We talked to a handful of prominent journalists to find out which campaign-related articles they liked the best.

Campaign Review: The Media
November 04, 2008

As everyone waits (and waits and waits), we decided to highlight some of our campaign coverage from the last two years. Here's our best coverage of the media: Hillary Clinton vs. The Media"Bunker Hillary: Clinton's Strategy For Crushing The Media" by Michael Crowley; November 12, 2007 Barack Obama vs.